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More Family Time

Basic info:

  • Album Title: More Family Time
  • Album Artist: Ziggy Marley
  • Guest Artists: Stephen Marley, Tom Morello, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Alanis Morissette, Busta Rhymes, Lisa Loeb, Angélique Kidjo, Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Genre(s): Reggae, Ska, Americana, Music for Kids/Families
  • Formats: CD, Digital Download, Streaming
  • Record Label: Tuff Gong Worldwide
  • Release Date: September 18, 2020


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1. 'Play With Sky' with Ben Harper
I’m going outside
Gone play with the sky
I run outside
Play with the sky
Running wild
Play with sky
I waving hi
gone play with sky

A wondering breeze
Came blowing by
She said if you see the Sun
Don’t look Him in the eye

Going outside to play with sky
Feeling fine I play with sky
Wanna beautify play with sky
simplify play with sky

A drifting cloud
She waved goodbye
She said if you see the Sun
Don’t look him in the eye

Clarify I play with sky
Eat blueberry pie
And play with sky
Gone outside
To play with sky
Feeling the vibe
I play with sky

The rain fell
He said Oh My
Hey and when you see the sun
Don’t look him in the eye

Now comes the sun
Wanna have some fun?
He said let’s run
Run, run and run
Until the edge of the sea
Where we’ll say goodnight, good eve
And when we wave goodbye
Thats when I’m a look him
I’m a look him in the eye

Going outside Gone play with the sky
Run outside Play with sky

2. 'Everywhere You Go' with Sheryl Crow
3. 'Music Is In Everything' with Lisa Loeb
4. 'Move Your Body' with Tom Morello, Busta Rhymes and Isaiah Marley
5. 'Jambo' with Angélique Kidjo
6. 'Please Excuse Me Thank You' with Alanis Morissette
7. 'Garden Song of Miracles' with Stephen Marley
8. 'Goo Goo Ga Ga'
9. 'My Dog Romeo'
10. 'Wonderful People' with Judah Marley, Gideon Marley and Abraham Marley
11. 'Today I Feel Silly' story by Jamie Lee Curtis (CD ONLY BONUS)


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