A Marley Family Celebration at Miami’s Kaya Fest on 4/20

Photos By Rick Munroe / MFN

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Kaya Fest was a day of conscious, uplifting roots reggae music, with an effective message that transcends all barriers of race, age, gender and creed promoting peace, love & unity. On what can be considered the most appropriate day of the year to hold a reggae festival in South Florida, those who attended Kaya Fest on 4/20 experienced something that was far greater than themselves.

With bright blue skies and summer-like sunshine, Bob Marley must have been looking down smiling as fans of the legendary singer-songwriter gathered in Miami’s Bayfront Park to celebrate his legacy in life and music through the blessings of his musically gifted children. The music at Kaya Fest served as the bridge that brought people of varying socioeconomic backgrounds in unison to create a vibe that only those that were there could relate.

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