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As Millions of Dollars Are Raised for Nashville Tornado Victims, Gibson is Donating Guitars to Affected Musicians

Image by Rex Hammock from Flickr

Article by McKinley Corbley, Good News Network

Since Nashville is notorious for being one of the most beloved music capitals of the US, Gibson Guitars is providing a special kind of relief for musicians who may have lost their instruments during this week’s series of devastating tornadoes.

Gibson Gives—the international guitar brand’s charitable foundation—is offering to replace any guitars that may have been lost or damaged during the storms.

“Our goal is to get a guitar back into the hands of anyone who has had their guitar damaged or destroyed in the recent Tennessee storm,” says Dendy Jarrett, executive director of Gibson Gives. “As a Nashville, Tennessee-based company, we are also engaging with our artists and other partners to provide support across many areas.”

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