More people use marijuana to treat illness than to get high, study says


Article by Adam Hermann, via PHILLY VOICE

Nearly twice as many people in the United States use marijuana to treat illnesses as those who use marijuana to get high, according to a new study.

Roughly 46% of regular marijuana users do so because of a medical condition, according to a study published Friday in the JAMA Open Network, compared to 22% who use marijuana for recreational purposes. The study surveyed more than 165,000 men and women across the country between 2016 and 2017.

“Adults with medical conditions, especially those with respiratory conditions, cancer, and depression, were more likely to use marijuana,” the study’s authors noted in its conclusions. “At present, marijuana use prevalence decreases with age, even among people with medical conditions. Because public perceptions of marijuana are becoming more favorable and medical conditions increase with age, older adults might also become frequent consumers of marijuana.”

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