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7 Pictures Of Kid Activists That Will Melt Your Big Ol’ Heart

Article by Jarry Lee, via Buzzfeed

1. These adorable brothers who believe in gender equality.

Xander and Owen, ages 6 and 8. Photo by Viking

2. This 9-year-old who wants to remind young girls that they are valuable and powerful. “Freedom to me means choice,” she says.

Jayna, age 9. Photo by Viking

3. This 5-year-old cutie who knows that diversity matters.

O, age 5. Photo by Viking

4. This 9-year-old who knows just how smart and strong girls are. “If I could give one piece of advice to other kids it would be: if you want to make a change in the world, go ahead. Nobody can stop you,” she says.

Eden, age 9. Photo by Viking

5. This fierce little girl who wants YOU to rise up.

Elodie. Photo by Viking

6. These precious 5-year-old twins who believe in the power of resistance.

Sophie and Emma, age 5. Photo by Viking

7. And finally, this adorable little guy with a hilariously cheeky sign.

JJ. Photo by Viking

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