For Ziggy Marley, a leader who doesn’t achieve peace is a leader who fails

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Article by Ed Masley, via Chicago Sun-Times

Ziggy Marley had one simple goal going into the making of “Rebellion Rises,” the reggae legend’s seventh solo album: to offer encouragement to and a voice on behalf of humanity in the face of overwhelming negativity and darkness.

“The rebellion that we speak of is a rebellion that the majority of humanity will instigate to change the world and rebalance the world into a more positive, unified, less divisive place,” he says. “But I feel like we need a voice. And this is that voice.”

Dreams like that come naturally to Marley, having grown up with Bob Marley for a father and seeing the impact one voice can have in shining a light in the darkness.

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