New Single, ‘The Only’ by LeAnn Rimes and Ziggy Marley

‘The Only’ by LeAnn Rimes, Ziggy Marley, Ledisi, and Ben Harper is now here! This track off of LeAnn Rimes’ upcoming album, ‘God’s Work’ was written and produced by Rimes and her longtime collaborator and close friend/producer/songwriter Darrell Brown. “The Only” is a welcomed feel-good, World Americana-Reggae blended track that is arriving just in time for summer. The lyrics focus on the importance of being there for each other and helping others out, with the chorus emphasizing “the only way we’re gonna get there is if we hold each other’s hand.”

In an interview with Jerry Holthouse, Rimes spoke on the collaborative process. “It is an honor to have such a unique and diverse group of artists joining me on this song. Artists of like mind and heart that are also spreading a message of love in the world,” Rimes said. “‘The only’ really is all about community and connection, so I felt inspired to create the track in community with those I deeply admire and respect.”

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