Bob Marley Foundation

The Marley Family continues to provide philanthropic support through the Bob Marley Foundation in order to continue and honour the memory of the Honourable Robert Nesta Marley, OM and to perpetuate the spiritual, cultural, social and musical ideals and goals which guided and inspired him during his lifetime.

Depicted in his music Bob Marley had a concern for people of all races, age and religion who were at-risk and vulnerable hence the family intent and motivation is to fulfill the vision of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley OM hence developed the Foundation’s vision upon these guiding principles aim at relieving poverty, while reaching those in need through love and brotherhood.


The Vision of the Bob Marley Foundation is to positively impact those around us through Education, Culture, Healthcare and Sustainable Development while enacting lasting change with One Love, One Heart, One Voice.


The Bob Marley Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization, that focuses on the delivery of Social Interventions through Education, Culture, Environment and Sustainable Community Development by reflecting on the core values of the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley OM.


  • Honesty – Exercise openness and trust while empowering others and respecting differences.
  • Commitment – Dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to all clients.
  • Transparency – Publish and make available critical data about the organization, projects and donations.
  • Accountability – Encourage responsibility towards individuals and communities that we engage through teamwork.
  • Integrity – Offer service to clients in an efficient and effective manner by exercising good judgment and sound decision making which upholds the standards of an excellent charitable organization.


  • Maintenance of good Corporate Citizenship – To continue participation in Corporate Citizenship by maintaining existing projects and partnerships.
  • Expansion of project activities – To reach a wider cross section of beneficiaries especially in the areas of: Culture, Health and Education.
  • Organizational Strengthening – To increase the Foundation’s resource base through knowledge sharing, capacity building and forging partnerships in the public and private sector geared towards fundraising.
  • Measuring Performance – Establish key performance indicators that will specifically measure progress toward our goals on an annual basis.
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