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TEEN TRENDS: 7 Dangerous Apps Your Tween/Teen May Have On His/Her Phone

Article by Laura, via Ziggy’s Blog

If you have been following the news this week, I’m sure you have seen the disturbing story of how two 12-year-old girls stabbed their “friend” nineteen times…all to impress a website character called “Slender Man”.  12-years-old!!!

I have never heard of “Slender Man” or the website, creepypasta, which is where the two girls say they learned of the fictional character, who they believed to be real.  (My oldest daughter, Hollie, says that “Slender Man” is a game. She demonstrated it to me, and as an adult, I don’t get it.)  Here is a picture of “Slender Man”.

This tragic incident, fictional character, and website got me to thinking:  “how many other potentially dangerous websites/apps are our tweens/teens visiting that we know nothing about?” After doing some research, I came across an article on checkup daily concerning seven dangerous apps that parents need to be aware of:

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