Ziggy Marley performs at Petco Park | Live streamed by

Ziggy Marley is set to perform May 30th, 2021 at Petco Park in San Diego. This weekend’s shows at Petco Park are the first LIVE in-person stadium concerts since the pandemic began. Marley’s show will is being billed as a “live tribute to his father.”

Marley says, “The whole concert is going to be my father’s music. It’s a tribute to him. We’ve taken an actual setlist that my dad created in the late ’70s and we’re doing that whole setlist which for me is a whole different experience than just ‘the greatest hits of Bob Marley.’ Playing the actual setlist is an actual connection with reality about what they played at a certain moment in time.”


“We’ve been coming to San Diego for 30 years, we love the people and we love the vibes. We love San Diego… It’s the first time doing a concert since Covid where’s it’s almost normal, not full capacity, but not ‘people in cars.’ It’s going to be extra special because it’s going to be more like a normal concert for us,” Marley says (CBS8).

UPDATE (January 19, 2022): Thanks to, the event is also able to be streamed live exclusively. In a post-pandemic world, live music is struggling to survive, and the ability to stream live performances in HD enables fans across the world, not just in San Diego, to connect with Marley’s music.

UPDATE (February 11, 2022): The audio from the concert is now live! You can stream it here.


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