Shining a Light on the Other Half of Humanity

I like to know what’s going on in the world—I read the news online most of the time. And yeah, I was getting some news, or as I call it, half the story. But, it dawned on me that all I was being fed was news that would make me think and say, “What the f is going on in this world? Is everything f’d up or what?” It was a mind game. You are what you eat, and that goes for your brain as well.

So I searched for the other half of the human story to create some balance in what I’ve been feeding myself. They may not have been sensational, dramatic, full of death and destruction or division and hate, nor were they celebrity gossip. They were stories… let’s just say they were the stories we are not normally bombarded with.

And the more I searched, the more I kept finding these newsworthy stories that were not solely focused on the worst of what is happening out there. I said to myself multiple times, “How come I didn’t hear about this?”, “How come I didn’t read about that?” So, I finally decided to help get out the flow of positivity in a different way. “It’s not just about me, it’s about all of us.”

On my new web page, I’ve curated stories from all over the planet to reflect that need we all have. The need to see some hope in humanity; to feel the good in humanity and to know that we have a chance for a better world.

A balanced diet for the mental state of humanity.

I want to give people like me a place to get the other half of the news the other half of whats going on in the world. The stories that we don’t normally get from the usual places; stories that show there is a lot of fight left in the good of us all (though you could never tell it if you check the mainstream news feed). Stories that show we need to keep fighting.

I hope you enjoy the stories, are enlightened to a few things going on in this world, and that we all together help spread the word that others aren’t.

– Ziggy Marley

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